Viral Loops Waitlist

Waitlists are a useful tool to easily validate value proposition. We've reviewed many waitlist providers and have found Viral Loops to be an easy to use and feature rich waitlist provider. We've partnered with Viral Loops so that you can make one fewer decision and get to market faster.

Connecting your waitlist to Synctera becomes important as you move towards bank matching and public launch. It can potentially provide validation of your value to prospect banks reducing matching time.

Instructions how to use and set up Viral Loops

  1. To create your account on Viral Loops, please go to viral loops website to create an account.

  2. Use discount code SYNCTERA to get a discount on your Viral Loops account.

  3. To create a waitlist, pick from one of the many templates to start your waitlist. We recommend the Startup Pre Launch template. Don’t forget to choose the double opt-in email verification feature!

  4. To integrate with Synctera, once your waitlist is operational, copy the secret api token from your viral-loops profile (as shown in below screenshot) and add it in the “Edit your waitlist” task.