Line of Credit Statements

Synctera APIs provide all the raw data necessary to create a periodic account statement. The contents of a line of credit account statement may be governed by various regulations, therefore it is essential to add the necessary fields when creating a periodic statement. Please consult with your compliance officer further.

Statement content

In order to produce regulatory-compliant, human-readable statements, this API provides the following information:

statement_typeThe type of the statement, i.e. LINE_OF_CREDIT
start_date and end_dateThe date interval covered by the statement, inclusive.
issue_dateThe date the statement was issued.
opening_balance and closing_balanceThe final posted balances recorded at the beginning of start_date and at the end of end_date.
disclosureA suggested disclosure statement to display.
total_transactionsThe number of transactions posted during this statement period. See this section for guidance on how to access the full list of transactions.
account_summary-Information about the account.
account_summaryfinancial_institutionInformation about the financial institution managing the account.
customer_service_details-Contact information for use by the customer if they wish to dispute the information in this statement.
primary_account_holder_personal-When account_summary.customer_type is PERSONAL then primary_account_holder_personal contains information about the person acting as primary account holder.
primary_account_holder_business-When account_summary.customer_type is BUSINESS then primary_account_holder_business contains information about the company holding this account.
joint_account_holders-A list of all individuals designated as joint account holders for this account.
authorized_signer-A list of all individuals designated as authorized signers for this account.
credit_summaryaprDescribes the annual percentage rate in effect.
credit_summarybalance_for_interestThe balance used to calculate the interest accrued on the account.
credit_summarycredit_limitThe credit limit set on the account.
credit_summaryinterest and interest_ytdThe total interest accrued at the end of this statement, both for this statement period and for the calendar year so far.
credit_summaryfees and fees_ytdThe total fees accrued at the end of this statement, both for this statement period and for the calendar year so far.
credit_summaryminimum_payment_dueThe minimum payment amount expected by the payment due date.
credit_summarypayment_due_dateThe date by which payment is expected.
credit_summarylast_payment_dateThe date on which the last payment is received.
credit_summarypayments_receivedThe total payment amount received during the current billing priod.
credit_summaryis_past_due and amount_past_dueThe indicator of an account which is past due and its past due amount.
credit_summaryamount_over_limitThe portion of the statement balance that exceeds the account's credit limit.