Base URLs

The base URL for your request determines whether the request goes to the Synctera sandbox or, when you’ve rolled your code out for real, to the Synctera production environment where your requests will transact business in the real world.

Use the sandbox base URL to make requests of the sandbox, and the production base URL to make requests of the real Synctera platform.

The examples in the Guides assume that you have set an environment variable baseurl, e.g.

export baseurl=https://api-sandbox.synctera.com

You also need to set apikey, see the Authentication section for more details.


You can experiment with our APIs in the Synctera sandbox, which is self-contained and has no interaction with the real world. You can use our sandbox to test our underlying services, accessing our vendor’s sandboxes as necessary when using their services. You’ll need an API key to authorize requests to the sandbox. If you don’t have one: