Create a bulk order configuration

Bulk card orders can be configured to ship cards in bulk.

In order to create a bulk order the associated card product needs to be configured for bulk issuance (Refer to Card Product bulk_shipping_enabled).
Once a Card Product is configured a bulk order can be created.

Cards are dynamically added to the bulk order using the bulk_order_config_id (Refer to Issue Card bulk_order_config_id)
and will be shipped based on the bulk_issuance_policy.

Bulk orders configured with AUTO will be fulfilled daily at 9:30PM PST, all cards that have been added to the bulk order prior to the cutoff
will be shipped in the next bulk order, any subsequent cards will be added to the next days order. Bulk orders configured with MANUAL
will be shipped when an integrator sends a fulfillment request (Refer to Bulk Issuance Fulfill).

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