The account statement is periodically supplied by the FinTech and it summarizes the account activity over a period of time (i.e Monthly). It includes an accurate list of transactions made by the client to/from a particular bank account (internal transfers, Wires, payroll payments, etc)

The Statements API allows the Fintech to retrieve the information (in JSON format) needed to generate printable statements (ex: PDF). The features exposed by this API are:

  • List the statements for a given account.
  • Retrieve the details for a given statement.

The following guide explains how to use the features listed above.


This guide assumes that you are already familiar with the customer and account creation APIs and have one or more accounts already created and in the appropriate status to be able post transactions on them.
If not, go through the following guides before continue:


The current version of this API only supports statements for CHECKING and SAVING accounts. More account types will be supported in future versions.

Statement content

In order to produce regulatory compliant statements this API provides the following information:

Statement summarystatement_summaryThis section contains general information about the statement. For example: billing period start and end dates
Account summaryaccount_summaryInformation about the account as well as the financial institution managing it
TransactionstransactionsThe list of transactions posted during the period specified on the statement_summary section
Account holderprimary_account_holder_business and primary_account_holder_personalWhen account_summary.customer_type is BUSINESS then primary_account_holder_business contains information about the company holding this account. When account_summary.customer_type is PERSONAL then primary_account_holder_personal contains information about the person acting as primary account holder.
Authorized signersauthorized_signerThis field contains a list of all the indivudual specified as authorized signers for this account
DisclosuredisclosureA disclosure text issued by the financial institution

For more details about the json schema returned by this API please check the statement details endpoint.

Here there is a sample statement produced using the information provided by this API.

Statement generation

The statements are generated automatically at the end of the billing period. The current billing frequency is monthly, meaning that at the end of every calendar month a bank statement will be generated for every active account. Be aware that only accounts of type CHECKING and SAVING are supported in the current version.
Once a statement is generated a notification will be sent via webhook. Please refer to the Webhook Events section for details.

List the statements for a given account

Once the statement is generated it is possible to use this feature to list the latest statements available for a given account.


curl --request GET \
   --url \
   -H 'Accept: application/json'
   -H "Authorization: Bearer $apikey"

The result of this request will be a list containing basic information about the statements available for the account 37083b2c-d3f9-4a7f-b781-7342285c368e up to the current date. In order to retrieve the details of a given statement please check the next section. For details about the payload structure please refer to List statements API reference

Retrieve the details for given statement


curl --request GET \
   --url \
   -H 'Accept: application/json'
   -H "Authorization: Bearer $apikey"

The result of this request is a single object containing all the details of the statement where the id is a4554821-22c2-4053-8b50-768365b98c83. The statement id can be found in the response of the list Statements feature

Webhook Events

This section assumes you are familiar with the webhook integration. If not, go through the following guides before continue: Webhook

As we mentioned before, every time a statement is generated a webhook notification is sent to the corresponding subscribers. In order to receive this notifications make sure you subscribe to the following event type:

STATEMENT.CREATED: Event sent when a bank statement has been issued. This event contains a full version of the bank statement on the payload.